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Fujitsu: 129 public offices and firms hacked

  • August 11, 2021
  • English Press

Japan’s Fujitsu says it has found that a total of 129 Japanese government offices and companies had data leakages after hackers accessed its information-sharing software.


Fujitsu on Wednesday updated the findings of the unauthorized access to its ProjectWEB software, which is widely used by public offices and businesses.


Among the government agencies that suffered data leakages are the Cabinet Secretariat, the Foreign Ministry, and the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry.


Fujitsu reported that leaked data included information on customers’ systems, materials related to project management, along with personal information such as customers’ names and email addresses.


But the company said no misuse of information or other damage was confirmed.


Fujitsu said it discovered that a third party illegally accessed the software using a legitimate ID and password.


The company said it set up an investigative committee consisting of external experts to look into the cause and how the company responded.


Fujitsu expressed its regret for concern and inconvenience caused to all those involved. It said it will do its utmost to restore customer trust as soon as possible.

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