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Numerous cluster infections reported at schools, workplaces

  • August 14, 2021
  • , Nikkei
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Saturday’s Nikkei wrote that large numbers of cluster infections have been detected in workplaces and at schools during the ongoing fifth wave of COVID-19. The paper noted that that while public authorities have concentrated on preventing infection at eateries up until now in the belief that people tend to be most vulnerable to the virus when dining out, experts now believe that any location can become a breeding ground for the virus in view of the rapid spread of the highly transmissible Delta strain. Since large-scale cluster infections have been reported at department store food halls in Tokyo and Osaka, major retailers have begun limiting the number of customers allowed to enter in the evenings and on weekends.


In a related story, Sunday’s Nikkei wrote that although the GOJ coronavirus taskforce has called for reducing the flow of people in Tokyo by half from the levels marked in early July in order to flatten the epidemic curve, smartphone tracking data showed that the number of people out and about near major stations and entertainment districts in the nation’s capital has only declined by about 30%. The number of people who left Tokyo for rural areas such as Tohoku was up by 18% from the Obon season last year. The daily said the data suggested that not many people share the GOJ’s sense of crisis.

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