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Cabinet members pay homage at Yasukuni Shrine

All national papers reported on Saturday that Defense Minister Kishi and Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Nishimura both visited Yasukuni Shrine on Friday, noting that they were the first members of the Suga cabinet to pay homage at the hrine. The defense chief told the press afterward that he visited the memorial to “renew the renunciation of war.” The ROK government reportedly lodged a protest against the latest pilgrimage, underscoring that it undermined the relationship of trust between the two countries. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also voiced “extreme displeasure and resolute opposition.”


All broadcasters reported on Sunday evening that Prime Minister Suga sent an offering and Environment Minister Koizumi and Education Minister Hagiuda paid visits to Yasukuni Shrine on Sunday. The broadcasters said that South Korea expressed deep disappointment and regret over Suga’s offering and the visits by his Cabinet members to the shrine.

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