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LDP presidential election may be held on Sept. 29

Yomiuri, Asahi, and Sankei speculated that the LDP presidential election will probably be held on Sept. 29, noting that Prime Minister Suga’s original plan of securing a second term as LDP leader uncontested by winning the general election in early October first is no longer viable since dissolving the Lower House in early September for a snap election has become almost impossible due to the planned extension of the COVID-19 state of emergency through mid-September. The premier will now have to prevail in the LDP race before the national election.


Yomiuri said anxiety is growing among some LDP politicians about Suga being the chief campaigner in the upcoming national election in view of the continued slide in his popularity amid the coronavirus resurgence, noting that some lawmakers may be prompted to challenge his reelection bid especially if he fails to deliver a victory for his longtime political confidant Okonogi Hachiro in the Aug. 22 mayoral election in Yokohama, which is Suga’s home turf.

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