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73% opposed to having integrated resort in Yokohama, Kanagawa Shimbun poll

  • August 17, 2021
  • , Kanagawa Shimbun , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

According to the telephone-based public opinion poll conducted by the Kanagawa Shimbun on Aug. 13–14 in advance of the Yokohama mayoral election to be held on Aug. 22, a total of 73.18% of Yokohama citizens are opposed to the integrated resort (IR) that is being promoting by the city and will feature a casino. The most frequently given reason for opposing the city plan was that “other policies should be prioritized.”


Of the 73.18% who said they opposed the IR, 52.85% said they are “strongly opposed” and 20.33% said they are “generally opposed.” The Kanagawa Shimbun and JX Press Corporation jointly conducted three surveys of citizens in the past, and respondents “opposed” to the IR have increased slightly in number with each poll (2019 poll, 63.85%; 2020 poll, 66.43%; July 2021, 70.67%).


In the August poll, a total of 19.88% of respondents said that they are in favor of having an IR in Yokohama with 7.05% saying they are “strongly in favor” and 12.83%” saying they are “somewhat in favor.” This figure has declined slightly over each of the three polls conducted to date, falling below 20% for the first time ever in the August poll (2019 poll, 25.7%; 2020 poll, 22.41%; July 2021 poll, 21.47%).


The most frequently given reason for opposing having an IR in the city was “priority should be given to other policies” (26.91%), followed by “a casino does not fit the image of Yokohama” (22.72%), “concern about a negative impact on public safety” (22.22%), and “more people will become addicted to gambling ” (20.12%).


Of the eight candidates in the Yokohama mayoral election, two are in favor of bringing an IR to Yokohama: former House of Representatives member Fukuda Mineyuki (57) and incumbent Hayashi Fumiko (75).


Former Yokohama City Council member Ota Masataka (75), former Nagano Governor Tanaka Yasuo (65), former National Public Safety Commission Chairman Okonogi Hachiro (56), fisheries wholesaling company president Tsubokura Yoshikazu (70), former Yokohama City University professor Yamanaka Takeharu (48), and former Kanagawa Prefecture Governor Matsuzawa Shigefumi (63) have said they are opposed to the IR.


Of the respondents who oppose bringing an IR to Yokohama, slightly less than 40% said they support Yamanaka, and about 20% said they backed Okonogi. Of those who said they are in favor of an IR, nearly 40% said they back Hayashi and about 20% said they support Okonogi.


By political party supported, 56.51% of LDP supporters oppose the IR, while 34.2% are in favor. Among the supporters of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, 94.41% said they oppose the IR, while 3.72% said they support the idea. Meanwhile, 64.7% of Komeito supporters and 96.82% of Japanese Communist Party supporters said they oppose the IR. Turning to independents, 72.8% said they oppose the IR, while 19.54% said they back the idea.


[Going into the final week of campaigning, Yamanaka is leading, followed by Okonogi and then Hayashi, Matsuzawa, and Tanaka. About 20% of respondents said that they have not decided how they will vote so there is a chance the situation will change depending on the actions taken by each political camp in the remaining week.]


Polling methodology: The telephone-based survey was conducted on Aug. 13–14, 2021, on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis and targeted Yokohama voters. The poll was conducted using an interactive voice response system. Responses were received from a total of 1,107 persons from all 18 wards of Yokohama City.

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