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Japan temporarily closes embassy in Kabul

  • August 18, 2021
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All national dailies wrote that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday that it temporarily closed the Japanese Embassy in Kabul on Sunday. The ministry also said that 12 Japanese diplomats working at the embassy have departed the international airport in Kabul aboard a military plane of a friendly nation and arrived in Dubai. The ministry explained that for security reasons it will not disclose the name of the country that helped evacuate the Japanese diplomats. Japan will set up a temporary office in Istanbul to resume the embassy’s operations. According to a senior ministry official, several Japanese nationals working for international organizations are still in Afghanistan and arrangements for those who wish to return to Japan have been made.


Prime Minister Suga told reporters on Tuesday that Japan will respond to the situation in Afghanistan appropriately in cooperation with the United States and other nations by ensuring Japan’s national interests and the safety of Japanese nationals there.


Yomiuri speculated that the GOJ will forgo for the time being endorsing the new Afghan government to be established under the control of the Taliban based on the judgment that it will be necessary for Japan to monitor the new government’s policies and how the United States and European nations respond.

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