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Ratio of female managers stays low at Japan firms

  • August 17, 2021
  • English Press

A private-sector survey in Japan shows that the portion of females in corporate managerial posts rose to a record high last month, but remained below 10 percent.


Credit research firm Teikoku Databank surveyed more than 24,000 companies nationwide in July. It received responses from 10,992 of them.


The results show that an average 8.9 percent of managerial positions were occupied by women.


That is the highest since comparable data became available in 2013 and is 1.1 percentage points higher than last year.


The survey also shows that 22.6 percent of the companies expected the share of female managers to grow, while 58.9 percent predicted it would stay unchanged.


The Japanese government aims to boost the ratio of women in managerial, executive and other senior posts to roughly 30 percent as soon as possible during the 2020s.


The research firm says many companies, mostly small and mid-sized businesses, said that it takes time to foster female employees to become able to take on senior roles.


It adds that companies need to create long-term strategies on employment and other policies for female workers, as empowering women is vital in enhancing corporate values.

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