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South Korean court approves seizure of payment to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • August 19, 2021
  • , NHK, Fuji TV
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NHK and Fuji TV reported that a South Korean legal team announced on Wednesday evening that a South Korean court approved on Aug. 12 that about 80 million yen that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was supposed to receive from South Korean firms could be seized to compensate victims of wartime forced labor. According to Fuji TV, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato told the press this morning that such a legal procedure would be “a clear violation of international law.”  He reportedly added: “We have repeatedly pointed out to the South Korean side that if this leads to the liquidation of assets, the Japan-ROK relationship will face a serious situation, and such a scenario must be avoided…. We strongly urge the South Korean side to swiftly present us with a viable solution.”

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