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Objects that fell off U.S. military aircraft larger than initially described

Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times reported on the finding that the two components that fell off a Futenma-based MV-22 in Okinawa on Aug.12 turned out to be larger than the U.S. military originally explained. The panel that had been attached to the roof of the cockpit was 109 cm by 68 cm and the blade fairing was 43 cm by 43 cm. Both were much larger than initially estimated. Futenma authorities allegedly explained that more accurate data was provided to the Okinawa Defense Bureau on Aug. 18 as soon as it became available. Local officials, including Vice Governor Jahana and Ginowan Mayor Matsugawa, were displeased with what they regarded as “careless and delayed” reporting on the mishap by the U.S. military, with the prefectural official filing a protest with the defense bureau and the MOFA Okinawa office yesterday calling for the suspension of all Osprey flight training until the cause of the incident has been determined.

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