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  • August 23, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on the surging cases of COVID-19 across Japan, with 22,302 new cases confirmed nationwide on Sunday (NHK), the increasing number of COVID-19 patients who died while recuperating at home (NTV), the number of COVID-19 patients having to recuperate at home approaching 100,000 (TBS, Fuji TV), and an incident on a train in Tokyo in which a man harassed other passengers by shouting that he was infected with the Delta variant (TV Asahi). 


Main front-page items in national papers included the victory of an opposition candidate in Sunday’s Yokohama mayoral election, Japan’s informal decision to dispatch a military plane to Afghanistan as early as today to repatriate stranded Japanese aid workers, and the ASDF’s plan to conduct joint training with the Indian Air Force by next March.   

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