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Ishiba says he will not run in LDP presidential race

  • August 21, 2021
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All national papers highlighted remarks made on a TV show on Friday by former LDP Secretary General Ishiba suggesting that he will not run in the LDP presidential election likely to be held in late September. He also voiced doubts about some LDP politicians attempting to challenge Prime Minister Suga’s reelection bid amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We should think about how the voters would react if we moved to oust the prime minister because he is not qualified to be the party’s chief campaigner [for the general election],” he said.


Asahi wrote that internal bickering is intensifying within the LDP over whether somebody should run in the leadership race to unseat Suga, focusing on remarks made on Friday by former Foreign Minister Kishida, who underscored that the election presents the ruling party with a great opportunity to demonstrate to the public that it includes a wide range of talented politicians. The remark was interpreted to mean that he is opposed to the premier’s alleged desire to win a second term uncontested. Former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi and LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Shimomura met with Secretary General Nikai separately on Friday and conveyed their interest in seeking the party presidency.


Administrative Minister Kono and Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Nishimura, both of whom have run in the party presidential election in the past, said on Friday that they do not intend to seek the post this time. Meanwhile, Environment Minister Koizumi expressed his support for Suga’s reelection bid on Friday by saying that if Suga had not been prime minister, Japan would have not been able to place high priority on renewable energy.

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