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Public support for Suga Cabinet down to 32.1%

  • August 23, 2021
  • , Fuji TV
  • JMH Summary

Fuji TV reported on the results of its opinion survey conducted over the weekend, which found that public support for the Suga Cabinet dropped 6.9 points from last month to 32.1%. Nonsupport was 61.3%. On the government’s handling of the new coronavirus, 22.7% expressed approval, while 70.4% expressed disapproval. A total of 28.4% said the state of emergency declaration being extended to cover 13 prefectures and the quasi-state of emergency expanded to cover 16 prefectures were “very effective” or “somewhat effective,” while 70.4% said they were “not so effective” or “not at all effective.” As many as 61.0% said the state of emergency should be expanded nationwide. In addition, 73.6% said laws should be amended to allow a lockdown. As for the vaccination roll-out, 29.3% said it is proceeding smoothly, while 67.5% said it is not. In addition, 29.4% thought the virus will be under control if the vaccination gets underway, while 64.6% thought otherwise. When asked how long Prime Minister Suga should remain the leader, 19.9% said he should be replaced immediately, 48.2% said until the LDP presidential election to be held by the end of September, 20.9% said for a certain period of time after the LDP presidential race, and 7.0% said as long as possible.

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