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SDF plane departs on evacuation mission 

  • August 24, 2021
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All national dailies wrote that an ASDF C-2 transport plane left for a nation near Afghanistan Monday evening, and two C-130 transport planes are expected to depart today on a mission to evacuate Japanese nationals working at international organizations and the local staffs of the Japanese Embassy and the JICA office in Afghanistan. The GOJ made the decision to dispatch SDF aircraft based on the SDF Law at a meeting of the National Security Council on Monday morning. The C-2 will transport SDF troops from Japan to a country near Afghanistan and the C-130 planes will airlift the Japanese nationals and local staffs from the international airport in Kabul to the nearby country. 


Yomiuri speculated that although the GOJ was originally hesitant to dispatch SDF aircraft to Afghanistan and asked a third country to evacuate the 12 diplomats at the Japanese Embassy in Kabul, it later decided on the dispatch out of concern that Japan could face international criticism if it continues to depend on other nations for evacuating Japanese nationals and local hires from Afghanistan. 


Asahi and Sankei wrote that although the GOJ decided on the dispatch of SDF aircraft, the evacuation mission involves uncertainties and challenges, such as whether people who wish to evacuate will be able to safely reach the airport and how to screen family members of several dozen local staff members that may total in the hundreds. 

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