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GOJ to distribute antigen test kits to schools

  • August 25, 2021
  • , NHK
  • JMH Summary

NHK and TV Asahi reported that the Japanese government is planning to distribute up to 800,000 sets of antigen test kits to kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools starting in early September in light of the growing concern over the spread of COVID-19 among schoolchildren after the end of summer recess. The networks said the GOJ is considering adding anti-virus measures at schools to the “Basic Policy for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Control.” This reportedly includes distributing antigen test kits to be used for students and teachers at schools when they are unable to immediately see a doctor or return home. According to the networks, teachers and students in the fourth grade and up will be the main recipients of the antigen test kits. 


In a related story, NHK and TBS reported that Chairman Omi of the GOJ subcommittee on the new coronavirus said at the Diet this morning that local municipalities should consider the possibility of postponing the start of the new semester in light of the increasing number of children testing positive for COVID-19. The networks reported that Omi also said that teachers should be given priority in receiving COVID-19 vaccines as the number of cases is expected to rise after the resumption of classes.

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