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Suga calls for quiet LDP leadership race

Tokyo, Aug. 25 (Jiji Press)–Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga expressed hopes Wednesday that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party will hold a leadership election quietly.


Suga told LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai that the election should be held quietly and that he has no objection to whatever the party’s presidential election administration committee decides, according to sources close to the meeting.


The election comes as Suga’s term as LDP president runs out at the end of September. The committee is slated to meet Thursday to finalize the date of the election, which is expected to be held on Sept. 29.


After his 30-minute meeting with Nikai at the LDP headquarters, Suga told reporters that they agreed to work together to secure hospital beds amid a surge in COVID-19 cases.


The prime minister did not respond to a question on whether he and Nikai discussed a possible date of an election for the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of parliament.


Ahead of the Lower House election that must be held in the autumn, Suga is under pressure within the LDP after a candidate backed by him lost Sunday’s Yokohama mayoral election.


On Tuesday, Nikai declared that his LDP faction will back Suga’s re-election bid for party president, ahead of any other faction. Nikai may have directly told Suga of his support for re-election at their meeting.

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