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Okinawa, GOJ call for immediate halt to Marines’ discharge of polluted water

Okinawa Times reported online on the start of a U.S. military operation to discharge PFOS-contaminated water from the Futenma Air Station into the local public sewage system after treating it. In a hastily arranged press conference, Governor Tamaki reportedly voiced “strong resentment” at what he called a unilateral decision to discharge the water, asking the Futenma authorities to suspend the operation immediately. According to the governor, the U.S.-Japan Joint committee had planned to convene a meeting today to discuss how to announce the results of joint research by the U.S. military, the central government, and the prefectural government on the quality of the treated water. “I assume that the GOJ was extremely shocked as well. This is absolutely unacceptable.” The GOJ reportedly asked the USFJ headquarters to call off the operation immediately. According to a GOJ source cited by the daily, the GOJ had not approved the discharge.

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