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Opposition attempts to play up its presence in runup to LDP presidential election  

  • August 27, 2021
  • , Mainichi, Yomiuri
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Mainichi and Yomiuri wrote that opposition parties are busy trying to play up their presence as the LDP leadership race is bound to command strong media and public attention over the next four weeks. While the opposition camp has been buoyed by the victory of its candidate over Suga’s close confidant and the six other contestants in the recent Yokohama mayoral election, they are afraid that their criticism of the LDP administration’s handling of the pandemic may receive less attention from the media when the focus shifts to the LDP’s “infighting.” In a bid to prevent the LDP election from stealing most of the media coverage, the opposition camp is set to renew its call for the ruling coalition to convene an extraordinary Diet session so that opposition legislators can grill Prime Minister Suga and other cabinet members over the COVID-19 response in front of the TV cameras. They plan to attract public attention by calling on the LDP not to allow a political vacuum to emerge amid the pandemic. 

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