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Yamato and Ayase Cities make annual base requests

  • August 27, 2021
  • , Kanagawa Shimbun , p. 20
  • JMH Translation

By Yamaguchi Joichi


The Base Measures Councils of Yamato and Ayase Cities submitted their respective annual requests concerning Atsugi Air Base to the central government’s relevant agencies. As in previous years, the cities’ requests involve measures to reduce the burden on the local communities, including the base’s early return and reduction of aircraft noise.


Last fall in Yamato City, an Environment Ministry study found toxic organofluorine compounds such as PFOS and PFOA at a level exceeding the provisional standard in the Hikiji River at locations near the base. This year, the city added in its request a new clause that calls for “thorough implementation of safety and environmental measures at base facilities as well as measures that ensure discipline among U.S. service members.” Regarding foam extinguisher that contains the organofluorine compounds, the city requested information on the amount of the substance as well as methods used for disposal.


Ayase City added a new clause titled “new engagement with the base,” listing four goals: joint use of the base; promotion of exchange programs; the base as tourist destination; and mutual support in natural disasters. The city stipulated its intention to establish a platform to discuss these goals.

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