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Public support for Suga Cabinet at record low

Sunday’s Mainichi reported on the results of its opinion poll jointly conducted with the Social Survey Research Center on Aug. 28, which found that public support for the Suga Cabinet dropped 4 points from last month to 26%, marking a record low since the launch of the Cabinet in September 2020. Nonsupport rose 4 points to a record 66%. Only 14% approved of the Suga administration’s handling of COVID-19, far below the 70% who expressed disapproval. In addition, 70% said they fear that the Japanese medical system may collapse. The paper wrote that public frustration over the government’s handling of the coronavirus and the strained medical system led to the drop in the approval rating. Support for the LDP was 26%, followed by the CDPJ at 10%, and the Japan Innovation Party at 8%. Those who said they do not support any political party totaled 42%. Former Defense Minister Ishiba (13%) was the most popular pick for the next LDP leader, followed by Administrative Reform Minister Kono (11%), Prime Minister Suga (10%), and former Foreign Minister Kishida (10%).


Monday’s Nikkei front-paged the results of its latest opinion poll that put support for the Suga administration at 34%, unchanged from last month, and nonsupport at 56%, down 1 point. Disapproval exceeded approval for the fourth month in a row. Three out of five cited Suga’s lack of leadership as the reason for their disapproval. Some 64% (up 6 points) took issue with the administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with 70% saying the vaccine rollout has not gone smoothly, up 5 points. Kono and Ishiba (16%) garnered the most support as candidates for the next LDP president, followed by Kishida (13%) and Suga (11%). The corresponding figures among LDP supporters were 20% for Suga, 18% for Kono, 14% for Kishida, and 12% for Ishiba.

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