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Morning news

  • August 30, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on the U.S. drone attack on a vehicle that was apparently carrying explosives near the Kabul airport (NHK, TV Asahi), a drop in the number of people out and about in major areas of Tokyo on Saturday from a week ago (NTV), the more than 110,000 people having to recuperate at home after contracting COVID-19 in Japan (TBS), and the confusion on the first day of a large-scale vaccination program for people aged 16 to 39 in Shibuya (Fuji TV).


Top items in national papers included updates on the situation in Afghanistan, the Justice Ministry’s plan to propose prison sentences for defamation on the Internet, and the launch of numerous state-sponsored funds for paying benefits and subsidies to victims of natural disasters and economic crises.

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