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Japan launches Digital Agency 

  • September 2, 2021
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All national dailies reported on the launch on Wednesday of the Digital Agency, which is headed by Prime Minister Suga and expected to accelerate the digitalization of local and central government services. Minister for Digital Transformation Hirai Takuya took charge of the new agency, while Hitotsubashi University Honorary Professor Ishikura Yoko assumed the top bureaucratic post at the agency. Of the roughly 600 members of the agency, more than 200 of them joined from the private sector. The papers wrote that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed Japan to challenges caused by delayed digitalization, including local governments’ struggles to provide financial support swiftly and share information on COVID-19 patients. The agency is reportedly planning to release a roadmap of its reform plans, including digitalizing COVID-19 “vaccine passports,” by the end of this year. Prime Minister Suga said at the launch ceremony that he hopes the agency’s officials will use ingenuity as if they were rebuilding the entire country. 

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