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GOJ officials apologize to Ginowan mayor for U.S. military’s release of treated water 

  • September 3, 2021
  • , Asahi
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Asahi wrote that officials of the Defense Ministry and the Environment Ministry visited Ginowan Mayor Matsugawa on Thursday and offered an apology for causing anxiety among local citizens over the U.S. Marines’ recent release of water containing PFOS from the Futenma Air Station to the local sewage system. Noting that there are no regulations on the release of such water into a local sewage system in Japan, the officials reportedly told the mayor that although the U.S. military has emphasized the safety of the discharged water, the GOJ cannot say it was safe. According to the municipal government, it directly asked the ministries for a detailed explanation about the release because it was unable to ascertain the details from the explanations provided by their Okinawa offices. The paper wrote that it is very unusual for GOJ ministries to send officials to Okinawa in relation to damage from U.S. bases. Mayor Matsugawa reportedly told the press afterward that he was able to confirm from the meeting that the GOJ had no information about the timing of the release and that it cannot say the water was safe.    

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