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Cyberattacks on Tokyo government’s contractor

  • September 2, 2021
  • , Sankei , p. 24
  • JMH Translation

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced on Sept. 1 that a consulting firm to which the TMG’s construction, port, and urban development bureaus outsource their work was attacked by a type of computer virus known as “ransomware.” A large number of data, including design documents, etc., were encrypted and may have leaked. On the same day, the governments of Saitama Prefecture and Ichikawa City in Chiba Prefecture also disclosed the possibility of information leakage.


All of these governments outsource their work to Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo). According to the company, there were two ransomware attacks on multiple servers of the company’s group companies on Aug. 15 and Aug. 19. The attackers block access to documents and data until a sum of money is paid


Numerous documents including surveys, plans, and designs related to construction work, etc., that have been outsourced by the TMG bureaus were damaged [by the virus encryption].The company has shut down its servers and is taking steps to restore them with the help of outside experts. 


In February, Landbrains Co., Ltd., (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) announced that it had been hit by a ransomware attack. Personal information of more than 200 local government clients of the company might have leaked.



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