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“We won’t offer election support” says Kanagawa LDP head

By Suezaki Takeshi


On Sept. 2, after discussing the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election, Secretary-General Doi Ryusuke of the Federation of Kanagawa Prefectural Liberal Democratic Party Branches commented to the press on Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide, who was elected to the Lower House from the No. 2 District of the prefecture. “We would like to support him, but at the same time, we must think of the Lower House election, which is fast approaching,” Doi said. He added: “We must listen to the voices of the party members ahead of the presidential election. As a federation, we have no plans whatsoever to specifically ask them to support Suga.”


Regarding the rank-and-file members’ participation in the presidential election, Doi said, “We hope that the voting will be inclusive, as we have been hoping for an election that involves rank-and-file party members and LDP supporters.”                                       


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