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Ishiba appears hesitant to run in LDP presidential race 

Tuesday’s Nikkei wrote that on Monday former LDP Secretary General Ishiba expressed a cautious stance on running in the LDP presidential election slated for Sept. 29. According to the paper, some members of his faction have told him they will support Administrative Reform Minister Kono in the party election. If Ishiba decides not to run, the race may be contested between Kono, former LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Kishida, and former Internal Affairs Minister Takaichi.    


Yomiuri also speculated that Ishiba is disinclined to run in the election. However, the paper also noted that although Ishiba is considering supporting Kono in the election, he may decide to join the race if Kono responds negatively to his request to adopt some of his policy ideas. 


However, Sankei quoted Ishiba as saying on a TV program on Monday that he is likely to be able to secure the 20 supporters required to run in the LDP leadership election and that he will make a decision on whether to participate in the race “in the not so distant future.” However, the paper added that some of his 17-member faction are calling on Ishiba to support Kono or Kishida instead of running himself. 

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