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Top health expert says GOJ subcommittee proposed “booster shots”

  • September 9, 2021
  • , NHK
  • JMH Summary

NHK reported that Chairman Omi of the GOJ’s subcommittee on the novel coronavirus told reporters today that in addition to approving the GOJ plan to extend the state of emergency for 18 prefectures until the end of this month, the subcommittee proposed that the government consider administering third doses of COVID-19 vaccine as “booster shots.” Omi reportedly said: “We want the government to further promote vaccination and consider administering booster shots, or third doses…. In addition, the government should focus on reducing the number of people with mild or severe symptoms in order to reduce the burden on medical institutions. We want the government to not only test people who are feeling unwell but also swiftly provide treatment to prevent them from becoming seriously ill if they test positive for COVID-19, such as antibody cocktail treatment, especially for elderly people and those with preexisting conditions.”


Meanwhile, concerning the government’s plan to relax restrictions on people’s activities, Omi reportedly said: “Some people tend to think that various restrictions should be lifted immediately, but we cannot relax restrictions unconditionally…. The lifting of the state of emergency is a precondition for relaxing restrictions on people’s activities. People’s activities should not be relaxed under a state of emergency.”

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