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Tanigaki Group will back Kishida in LDP presidential election

  • September 16, 2021
  • , Asahi , p. 4
  • JMH Translation

At a meeting on Sept 15, the Liberal Democratic Party’s Tanigaki Group announced its support for Kishida Fumio, former Policy Research Council chair, in the upcoming LDP presidential election. Former Defense Minister Nakatani Gen, one of the group’s leaders, explained the decision, saying, “Kishida called for party reform and confronted (Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide) in an unselfish manner, with his head held high.”


As for those in the group who wish to support a candidate other than Kishida, Nakatani said: “In the end, it will be up to individual members. We will respect their decisions.”


Nakatani praised Kishida’s economic policy as “tried-and-true,” saying, “Kishida has made it clear he will listen to views of local constituents and respond to their requests.”


The Tanigaki Group is formed of members who originally belonged to the Kochikai (Kishida faction). Kishida seeks a shift away from neoliberal policies, such as deregulation and structural reform, and toward the establishment of a new Japan-style capitalism. Nakatani told the group that its co-leader and former Olympics Minister Endo Toshiaki and special advisor Tanigaki Sadakazu are also behind Kishida.

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