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Kono opposed to replacing nuclear power plants with new ones

In a BS Fuji program on Sept. 15, Minister of State for Regulatory Reform Kono Taro indicated that he would not allow the replacement of domestic nuclear power plants with new ones. “I would not move forward with any new plans for the expansion or replacement of existing plants or the construction of new ones,” he said.


At a press conference on Sept. 10, Kono explained that “for the time being, nuclear power plants that have been confirmed to be safe will be restarted,” but “it would not be realistic at this time to expand nuclear power plants or construct new ones.” On Sept. 15, he indicated that he would not allow existing facilities to be replaced with new ones.


In connection with this, the LDP parliamentary league to promote the replacement of nuclear power plants held a meeting at the Diet building on Sept. 15. It compiled a resolution calling for withdrawal of the draft Basic Energy Plan and explicit inclusion of the replacement of nuclear power plants in the plan.


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry did not mention nuclear plant replacement in its draft Basic Energy Plan announced in July. A cabinet decision is scheduled for this autumn.


The resolution pointed out that nuclear power is “an indispensable core energy source” for achieving both a stable energy supply and the nation’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

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