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Japanese officials react positively to Taiwan’s application to join TPP

NHK reported that concerning Taiwan’s announcement that it has formally applied to join the TPP, a senior MOFA official told the network: “Taiwan has a market economy, and in light of its achievements in the WTO, we expect that Taiwan will be able to meet the strict criteria for joining the TPP. We see it as a positive thing that Taiwan, which shares common values with Japan, has formally applied to join the trade deal.”


A Japanese government official reportedly said: “Taiwan shares fundamental values with Japan, including democracy and the rule of law. Although we still need to assess whether Taiwan can meet the strict criteria required by the TPP, the Japanese government will welcome it if it can. We will be consulting with the other TPP members [on Taiwan’s application] as we did for the other applications.” The official also went on to say: “Unlike China, Taiwan has not imposed any economic pressure on other nations and has been expressing interest in the TPP. Taiwan has apparently been making preparations to join the trade deal, so Taiwan’s application will probably be received differently from China’s…. Since China is likely to react to Taiwan’s moves, we will be closely monitoring cross-strait relations.”


Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Motegi reportedly told the press in New York: “Taiwan is an extremely important partner for Japan. We share with Taiwan such fundamental values as freedom, democracy, fundamental human rights, and the rule of law. Taiwan also has close economic relations with Japan. We are aware that Taiwan has been openly making efforts to join the TPP. We welcome Taiwan’s application.”

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