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49% say party president is important factor in deciding their vote in next LH election, Nikkei poll

In the nationwide public opinion poll conducted by the Nikkei on Sept. 23–25, some 49% of respondents said they will heavily factor in the political party’s leader when deciding how to vote in the next House of Representatives election. Meanwhile, 46% of pollees said the party president will not be a prime factor in their voting choice.


Of those respondents who said they will heavily factor in the party president, 51% said that Kono Taro is best suited to be the next Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president. This was followed by Kishida Fumio (17%), Takaichi Sanae (17%), and Noda Seiko (4%).


Among Takaichi’s supporters, those who said they will heavily factor in the political party president was 25 percentage points higher than those who said the party president is “not important” in their voting decision. Of Kono supporters, those saying the party president is important was 11 points higher those who said they will not heavily factor in the party’s leader. This suggests that those pollees who back these two candidates attach importance to the party leader, who will be the “face of the party” in the Lower House election.


The poll also probed views on which political party respondents intend to vote for in the next Lower House race and which party has candidates they want to vote for. Over half of respondents (52%) said they will vote for the LDP, which is almost unchanged from the spot survey conducted on Sept. 9–11. Those saying they will vote for the various opposition parties was also virtually unchanged from the previous survey (Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, 10%; Komeito, 4%; the Japanese Communist Party, 4%; and the Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party), 6%).

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