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Civic activists in U.S. voice opposition to nomination of Rahm Emanuel as envoy to Japan

  • September 28, 2021
  • , Asahi, Mainichi evening edition
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According to a Kyodo piece from Washington printed in Tuesday evening’s Mainichi, representatives of civil rights group held a press conference on Capitol Hill on Monday calling for the Senate not to confirm Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan. They reportedly cited the former Chicago mayor’s alleged “cover-up” of the police shooting of a black teenager as the reason for their objection. One of them was quoted as saying: “Mr. Emanuel is not appropriate to represent the United States in any capacity at home or abroad.” They reportedly disclosed that they have been urging senators via email, phone, and social media not to endorse the nominee.


Asahi carried a similar story, saying that while Democratic progressives are vehemently opposed to the nomination, some Republicans, including Senators Bill Hagerty and Susan Collins, are supportive. The daily ran an interview with Michael Faulman, Emanuel’s personal assistant when he was Chicago mayor. Describing the nominee as a “very patient, robust leader,” Faulman emphasized that Japan would benefit greatly from an Emanuel ambassadorship since it would give Japan a “direct line” to President Biden.

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