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Komeito leader vows to unite with LDP for upcoming LH election

  • September 30, 2021
  • , Yomiuri
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On Sept. 29, Komeito Chief Representative Yamaguchi Natsuo told reporters that new Liberal Democratic Party President Kishida Fumio “is a president who was elected after active debate and bringing politics close to the people.” As for the upcoming Lower House election, Yamaguchi underscored, “The LDP and Komeito will unite for the election to win at any cost and live up to public expectations.”


Kishida is known as a dove and takes a stance similar to that of Komeito. But during the LDP presidential campaign, Kishida showed a willingness for Japan to possess the capability to attack enemy bases and to amend during his term as party president the Constitution. Both of these initiatives would require coordination with Komeito. Yamaguchi warned, “It is important to gain public understanding.”

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