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Level of contaminants in water near Futenma drops considerably

According to Ryukyu Shimpo, the Ginowan municipal government on Wednesday announced the results of analysis of water samples from the local public sewage system near MCAS Futenma on Sept. 9, two weeks after the base authorities discharged wastewater contaminated with toxic PFAS after treating it. The combined level of PFOS and PFOA was about 19 nanograms per liter, or 40% of the GOJ’s provisional benchmark value of 50 nanograms. As the level detected in a sample taken from the same location when the water was released on Aug. 26 was 670 nanograms, more than 13 times the GOJ standard, the paper underscored that it is highly plausible that the contamination of the sewage water was caused by the release of treated water by the U.S. military.

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