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Kishida unveils new LDP executive lineup

NHK reported that LDP President Kishida announced the new LDP executive lineup this afternoon. Amari Akira, who heads the LDP Research Commission on the Tax System, was appointed LDP secretary general; Fukuda Tatsuo was given the post of chairman of the LDP General Council; Takaichi Sanae will head the LDP Policy Research Council; and former Olympics Minister Endo Toshiaki will take the helm of the Election Strategy Committee. In addition, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama Hiroshi was appointed LDP executive acting secretary general. Former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Obuchi Yuko will head the Organization and Campaign Headquarters, and Administrative Reform Minister Kono will head the Public Relations Headquarters. Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Moriyama will remain in his position until the end of the extraordinary Diet session that will convene on Oct. 4 and will be succeeded by former Reconstruction Minister Takagi Tsuyoshi.


According to NHK, Kishida said this afternoon: “Our nation continues to face a national crisis, and we need to continue to battle the novel coronavirus with firm determination. We need to promote economic measures in order to protect the people’s livelihoods and society, fulfill our political responsibilities on a range of issues, and produce results.” The network added that Kishida is expected to keep Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister Aso in his post as deputy prime minister.

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