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Kishida to be elected prime minister today; general election likely on Nov. 7   

  • October 2, 2021
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All national papers wrote on Saturday that an extraordinary Diet session will be convened on Monday to elect LDP President Kishida as the nation’s 100th prime minister. During the session that will run through Oct. 14, the new premier will deliver a key policy speech at both houses of the parliament on Oct. 8, followed by three days of interpellation at the two chambers through Oct. 13. He will then dissolve the Lower House the following day for a snap election likely to be held on Nov. 7. The election’s official campaign period is expected to begin on Oct. 26.  

Kishida and the new LDP leadership decided to reject the opposition’s call for several rounds of debate in the budget committees of both chambers before calling a snap election based on the judgment that a general election should be held while coronavirus cases are on the decline so that a FY2021 supplementary budget can be enacted and the FY2022 budget can be compiled by the end of December. Kishida is set to instruct the LDP leadership to draft a massive stimulus package aimed at jump-starting the ailing economy as the main feature of the ruling party’s policy manifesto for the election. He is also aiming to attend the G20 summit in Rome scheduled for Oct. 30 and hold a summit with President Biden on the sidelines. Yomiuri wrote that it is extremely unusual for a Japanese leader to travel overseas during a national election campaign period. Asahi speculated that Kishida may choose to delay the election by a week and hold it on Nov. 14 so that he will have returned from Italy ahead of the kickoff of the official campaign, which would be on Nov. 2 under this  scenario.  

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