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Anti-base group stages rally in front of Camp Schwab

  • October 3, 2021
  • , Asahi
  • JMH Summary

Sunday’s Asahi reported that the “All Okinawa” confederation of civic groups opposing Futenma relocation held a rally near the main gate of Camp Schwab on Saturday for the first time in about a year. The participants protested the FRF construction, claiming that the GOJ has forged ahead with the initiative by capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced base opponents to forgo protest events. The organizers emphasized that they will hold demonstrations every month from now on since the state of emergency has been lifted.


In a related development, the same daily reported on Saturday on the Defense Ministry’s announcement on Friday that engineering work has begun to change the flow of a river that runs through Camp Schwab since the V-shaped pair of runways and other associated structures in the FRF design would completely block the flow of the river. The prefectural government is reportedly calling for the suspension of the engineering operation.

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