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DPRK unresponsive to U.S. overtures 

Sunday’s Asahi focused on remarks made to the press on Friday by White House Press Secretary Psaki, who commented on the Biden administration’s outreach to North Korea: “We’ve made specific proposals for discussion with the North Koreans but have not received a response to date.… And we remain prepared to discuss the full range of issues.” With regard to the Kim regime’s recent testing of a range of cruise and ballistic missiles, the spokesperson said: “We’re assessing the specific nature of these launch events.” 


In a related development, Sunday’s Mainichi and Sankei wrote that the UN Security Council discussed on Friday North Korea’s firing of what it referred to as a “new hypersonic missile” called the Hwasong-8 on Sept. 28. While most member states denounced the latest provocation as a violation of relevant resolutions, they stopped short of issuing a joint statement due to opposition from China and Russia.  

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