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Ruling parties aim to work together to win a majority: Amari

On an NHK program broadcast on Oct. 3, Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Amari Akira acknowledged that the ruling parties are aiming to work together to secure a majority in the Lower House in the next general election. “As this is an election to decide who will run the government, the ruling parties obviously need to win enough seats to stay in power,” he said.


Komeito Secretary-General Ishii Keiichi noted: “The LDP and Komeito must secure a majority together at least. By meeting this minimum line, we should aim to win more seats for stable management.”


Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) leader Edano Yukio used the results of a survey the party conducted as a reference and noted that “half of our single-seat electoral districts will be able to compete.” On the strategy of fielding unified candidates, he stressed that the opposition parties “will field unified candidates in 50 to 100 districts where tight races are expected and compete head-on against rival candidates.”


Japanese Communist Party (JCP) leader Shii Kazuo stressed the need for a change of government. Asked about how the party will cooperate with the CDPJ if the opposition camp seizes power, he answered that “we will support them as a non-cabinet ally.”


Nippon Ishin [Japan Innovation Party] co-leader Katayama Toranosuke emphasized that his party is  “gearing up for fielding more than 85 candidates.” Democratic Party for the People leader Tamaki Yuichiro noted: “We’ve reached an agreement with the CDPJ on some policies and will work with the CDPJ within the range where we can cooperate.”

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