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Kishida elected Japan’s 100th prime minister

Kishida Fumio has been elected as Japan’s new leader. Kishida is the 100th prime minister in the country’s political history. Lawmakers in both chambers of the Diet voted for the newly elected leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, the main ruling party.


Kishida won 311 votes in the Lower House, over 80 more than a majority. He garnered 141 votes in the Upper House, 20 more than a majority.


The 64-year-old political veteran succeeds Suga Yoshihide, who did not run for re-election as LDP leader. It’s the first time in 30 years that a prime minister has been chosen from the “Kochikai” faction. The last prime minister from that faction was the late Miyazawa Kiichi.


Kishida is well known for his stint as Japan’s top diplomat. In his more than four years as foreign minister, Kishida worked to improve ties with Japan’s neighbors and allies. Notably, he organized the first visit to Hiroshima by a sitting US president.

Kishida is now forming his Cabinet. Later on Monday, the Emperor will ceremonially endorse Kishida and his ministers at the Imperial Palace.


The new prime minister is then expected to hold a news conference and convene the first meeting of his Cabinet.

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