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Marine official denies link between Futenma wastewater release and PFAS detection in public sewage

Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo reported that during a meeting with the Ginowan mayor at Camp Foster on Wednesday, Col. Neil Owens, chief of MCIPAC Government and External Affairs, categorically dismissed speculation that the discharge of wastewater from MCAS Futenma on Aug. 26 was responsible for the very high level of PFAS that was detected in water sampled from the city’s public sewage system later in the same day. “As the water in question was treated ahead of release, it is implausible to conclude that the Futenma water was the source.” According to Mayor Matsukawa, the Marine official underscored that the water was treated properly and that he cannot comprehend why such a high level of the toxic agent was detected. The municipal leader reportedly voiced doubts about the U.S. military’s explanation since an abnormal level of the harmful substance was not detected other than on that day.


Ryukyu Shimpo wrote separately that several prefectural assembly members visited Camp Foster yesterday and protested the Futenma wastewater release. In response to their request for Japanese access to military installations when incidents or accidents occur on base, Col. Owens reportedly suggested that such access may be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

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