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Two Upper House by-elections are bellwether for general election  

  • October 8, 2021
  • , All national papers
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All national papers reported on the official kickoff on Thursday of the campaigns for two Upper House by-elections in Shizuoka and Yamaguchi on Oct. 24, saying that the races are regarded as a bellwether of the results of the general election to be held a week later. The LDP is reportedly mobilizing considerable resources to elect its candidates since the two seats used to be occupied by its members and the races are the first ones to be fought during the Kishida administration. Since public support for the new premier was lower than expected in multiple opinion polls and the former Suga administration was plagued by losses of LDP competitors in a number of by-elections and key local elections, the ruling party is desperate to win both races. PM Kishida traveled to Shizuoka yesterday to stump for the LDP contestant. According to the dailies, the opposition bloc is forced to wage tough campaigns in both districts since it failed to field unified candidates.  

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