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Blue-ribbon commission launched to look into “new capitalism”  

  • October 16, 2021
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All national papers wrote on Saturday that the GOJ formally endorsed on Friday Prime Minister Kishida’s plan to establish a panel of leading scholars, businesspersons, and others tasked with devising measures to ensure a sustainable cycle between economic growth and wealth distribution, saying that seven out of the 15 members are women, including an entrepreneur in her 30s and the Rengo president. The first meeting of the Conference on Achieving New Form of Capitalism will be convened on Oct. 26, with the panelists expected to discuss such proposals as cash allowances for people suffering from the pandemic and financial incentives for corporations to increase wages. Asahi and Mainichi alleged that the prime minister launched the commission hastily ahead of the general election in a bid to play up his signature policy during the campaign.    

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