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Ruling coalition likely to secure majority of Lower House seats

  • October 21, 2021
  • , Mainichi, Yomiuri, Nikkei, Sankei
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Nikkei, Yomiuri, Mainichi, and Sankei led with their projections for the general election scheduled for Oct. 31. Nikkei wrote that the ruling LDP and its junior partner Komeito will likely secure more than 233 of the 465 seats in the Lower House. However, the ruling coalition and the opposition bloc are fighting neck-and-neck in the 289 single-seat constituencies. The paper wrote that the results of the election are still difficult to predict because about 20% of voters remain undecided.


Yomiuri wrote that the LDP is fighting an uphill battle against the opposition bloc and that it is still uncertain whether the party will be able to win a simple majority of 233 seats because it may lose some 40 of the 276 seats it held ahead of the dissolution of the Lower House. Mainichi wrote that the LDP is unlikely to retain all 276 seats but will probably be able to secure 233 seats together with Komeito. However, Sankei projected that the LDP may win a simple majority of 233 seats.

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