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Total of 61% say they will definitely vote or have voted early in general election, NHK public opinion poll

NHK’s latest poll shows a total of 61% of respondents said they either will definitely go vote in the upcoming Lower House election on Oct. 31 or have voted early, up 5 percentage points from the poll conducted a week earlier (before the election was officially announced) when 56% of respondents said they will definitely go vote. In the most recent poll, 52% said they will definitely go vote and 24% said they intend to vote. Some 8% were undecided, 5% said they will not vote, and 9% said they have already cast a ballot in pre-election day voting.


NHK conducted a nationwide survey over the three-day period of Oct. 22–24, 2021, on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis and targeted men and women aged 18 or over with calls placed to landline and mobile phone numbers. Valid responses were received from 3,157 of the 5,525 people polled. The valid response rate was 57.1%.


The approval rate for Prime Minister Kishida Fumio’s Cabinet was 48%, up 2 percentage points from a week before. The disapproval rate inched down 1 point to 27%.


Respondents were also asked about their level of interest in the Lower House race. Some 29% said they are very interested, and 47% said they are somewhat interested. Meanwhile, 14% are not very interested, and 5% have no interest at all.


Asked how highly they think of the initiatives taken by the ruling coalition over the four-year period since the last Lower House election, 6% said they think very highly of them, 45% said they think somewhat highly of them, while 31% said they do not think very highly of them and 12% said they do not think highly of them at all.


Some 24% said that they would like to see the number of seats held by the ruling parties increase as a result of the upcoming Lower House election while 31% said that they would like to see the opposition parties’ seats increase. Meanwhile, 39% said they are unsure.


Asked whether they think highly of the government’s handling of COVID-19 so far, 9% of respondents said they “think very highly of it,” 50% said they “think somewhat highly of it,” while 28% said that they “do not think very highly of it” and 8% said they “do not think highly of it at all.”


Asked how worried they are that there will be a resurgence of COVID-19 with the lifting of the state of emergency, 27% of respondents said they are “very worried” and 52% said they are “somewhat worried,” while 13% said that they are “not very worried” and 2% said they are “not worried at all.”

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