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Public comments result in restoration of sentence saying “gov’t will address nuclear accident” in new energy plan

On Oct. 22, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry disclosed that it received about 6,400 public comments from individuals and organizations on the new Basic Energy Plan adopted by the Cabinet on the same day. It was a three-fold increase from 1,700 at the time of the last revision in 2018.


After compiling a draft plan in July, the ministry invited public comments for about a month starting Sept. 3.


Based on the responses, the following sentence was restored to the basic plan: “In light of the lessons learned from the [Fukushima] nuclear accident, the best possible measures will be taken to reduce the risk [of an accident] to a minimum. If an accident occurred, the central government would be responsible for addressing the consequences.”


Although the sentence had been included in the previous plans, it was missing from this year’s draft. The ministry said: “The phrase was mistakenly left out in the editing process and [the omission was] not intentional.”


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