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PM Kishida stresses in monthly magazine that he will stand his ground against China

In an interview in the December issue of the monthly magazine “Hanada,” Prime Minister Kishida Fumio expressed a desire to realize constitutional reform during his term as the president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). He also asserted that he will take a resolute stance toward China. As Kishida barely touches on constitutional reform or dealing with China in his stump speeches for the Lower House election, his apparent intention was to appeal to conservative voters.


Regarding the four items in the LDP’s constitutional amendment proposal, including the establishment of a new emergency clause and the enshrining of the Self-Defense Forces in Article 9, Kishida stated, “We must make firm revisions.” He explained that he had raised the situation surrounding the Senkaku Islands (Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture) and other issues when he spoke by phone with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The prime minister said with emphasis: “I will stand my ground against China.”


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