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Morning news

  • October 28, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on the death of a worker in Gifu yesterday when an explosion occurred during tunnel construction for the new maglev bullet train (NHK, Fuji TV), an increase in the number of children suffering from the aftereffects of COVID-19 in Japan (TBS), and Tokyo Governor Koike being hospitalized again due to extreme fatigue (NTV, TV Asahi).


Main front-page stories in national papers included the finding that a large volume of cloth masks that the GOJ procured for distribution during the pandemic last year are still in storage, a GOJ plan to ask both listed and non-listed companies to provide information on major stockholders as part of efforts to combat money laundering, Secretary of State Blinken’s call for UN member states to allow Taiwan’s “meaningful participation” in international organizations, and the upcoming COP26 conference in the UK.

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