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Cabinet Office issues second advisory to TITP supervising organization

  • October 28, 2021
  • , Nikkei , p. 47
  • JMH Translation

International Manpower Development Organization, Japan, a leading “supervising organization” that accepts foreign technical interns under the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), has been issued another advisory by the Cabinet Office on the grounds that it has not sufficiently held executives accountable for profit sharing with specific companies. This was revealed on Oct. 27 during Nikkei’s inquiry with the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office advised the foundation to “fundamentally restructure its executive system.”


International Manpower Development Organization, Japan, is a public interest foundation commonly known as “IM Japan” and located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo.


According to the Cabinet Office, this is the first time that a public interest incorporated foundation has received two advisories on the same issue since 2008, when the current advisory system was introduced.


IM Japan has received approximately 7,500 trainees from Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries (as of September 2021). “Provision of special benefits” to corporations is prohibited under the Act on Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations and Public Interest Incorporated Foundations. However, IM Japan repeatedly ordered goods from a company run by an acquaintance of a former IM Japan chairman, and paid a total of 590 million yen to that company over a nine-year period through fiscal 2019.


In July, the Cabinet Office advised IM Japan to thoroughly investigate the cause of the problem and take responsibility for the misconduct. IM Japan said that “the profit sharing was solely at the behest of the former chairman.” The foundation reported to the Cabinet Office that it had demanded the former chairman return his retirement payment and that the current chairman’s remuneration would be reduced by 30% for three months.


The Cabinet Office noticed, however, that four out of five members of the disciplinary committee of IM Japan, which compiled the report, continue to be board members or staff members and the organization is still influenced by the former chairman. As a result, the Cabinet Office ordered IM Japan to submit another report by the end of January 2022.


A spokesperson of IM Japan said, “We take this repeat advisory very seriously and will examine the details requested by the Cabinet Office and make improvements to regain the public’s trust as soon as possible.”

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