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Japan, ROK remain at odds over forced labor dispute 

Saturday’s Asahi reported on the third anniversary of the South Korean Supreme Court ruling ordering Nippon Steel to pay compensation to victims of forced labor during Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, noting that the schism between the two governments remains as the Moon administration has not responded to Japan’s call for rectifying what it referred to as Seoul’s violation of international law. The daily said President Moon is aiming to move beyond the history dispute to improve overall ties with Tokyo, claiming that he intends to respond to U.S. calls for reconciliation between its key allies at least on the security front by capitalizing on an international conference on UN peacekeeping operations that Seoul plans to host in early December. South Korea has allegedly extended informal invitations to Foreign Minister Motegi and Defense Minister Kishida to attend the confab. However, as Japan has no intention to heed South Korea’s calls for a “victim-oriented” solution, the daily said the ROJ judiciary is moving steadily to liquidate the seized financial assets of the Japanese firm.  

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