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Concern grows about AUKUS nuclear sub deal possibly undermining NPT

Saturday’s Yomiuri reported on the repercussions of the AUKUS initiative to provide Australia with nuclear submarine technology, noting that some experts are worried that the deal will undermine the nuclear nonproliferation regime by tempting some countries to pursue nuclear ambitions in the name of building nuclear submarines. They project that such nations as Iran, Brazil, and South Korea may try to secure enriched uranium, which is used as fuel for nuclear submarines, noting that nuclear materials used for submarines have long been seen as a “loophole” in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) since they are not subject to inspection by the IAEA. As the trilateral nuclear submarine plan has been criticized by some as a “double standard,” the daily stressed that the three partners will need to proceed with it carefully while addressing concerns that Canberra may try to acquire nuclear weapons.

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